Fourteen days to make my life greener

To be environmental-friendly… it is a daunting subject nowadays. When approaching this topic, we’re often confronted by distressing images to encourage us to act. Although this is the most direct way to change people, this method could cause people to become too overwhelmed to the point of where small acts of being environmentally friendly are seen as worthless. Therefore, I set out to change this mindset.

My challenge is presented in a light tone, a fun interactive way to make an impact. The name of my challenge is ‘14 days to make my life greener’. I’ve designed this challenge into a calendar format and the aim of this is to accomplish each green task per day, for 14 days. Each task worth’s several points, and the points vary depending on the level of difficulty. The tasks are all related to being sustainable/ environmentally friendly.

To design this challenge, I have spent two weeks to observe my behaviour, habits and daily tasks. I researched on different ways to become more sustainable; then incorporating ideas from the web onto my calendar. I am on Day 4 of my challenge. Today’s challenge is to pick a piece of trash from the streets. I’ve picked up 2 items (a McDonald’s cup with cigarettes and a lighter, at a bus stop). After these 14 days, I hope to re-design this calendar into something more interactive, an app maybe, or something that would appeal to the wider audiences. It is my goal to encourage others to give my small challenge a try; which is why I am exploring potential business developments during this challenge as well as within workshops hosted at Y-Kampus.

Candy Hio Lam (Feb. 2020)
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