Fourteen days to make my life greener (2/2)

After testing out the 14 days of being greener, this is what I had to say.

Starting with the positives. It was liberating completing these daily challenges. Strangely, I felt proud. It makes me feel like I had a secret mission each day.

Throughout the challenge, I spotted things to consider when creating challenges. For
instance, how to make it engaging? What happens if the challenge can’t be completed? Ways of monitoring the user?

Referring to my first and previous blog post. I’ve mentioned I would like to re-design the calendar into an app. So far, I have made some simple visual of how I envisage the app will look. As well as many other ideas on how to make the challenges into a game format.

My goal hasn’t changed. I would like this to be available to everyone. Perhaps starting with those that are living in the cities. This app could be something that connects individuals to their city. And I am still in the progress of figuring how to make that happen.

Funny enough, although I didn’t expect to walk away from this completely unaffected. It surprised me how I was subconsciously following some of these tasks. Like showering under 9 mins (Tip: I listen to 3 songs that are 3 mins long and jump- literally out of the shower as soon as the final song comes to an end). Oh, and the plugs, I find it hard to go to sleep peacefully without unplugging them!

For the next steps, I will keep working on how to develop this ‘idea’ into an app and look for ways on how to bring this to different communities.