A lecture with an impact entrepreneur

Week 6: Thursday session with Eerik Wissenz, CEO of GoSol.

I really enjoyed this guest lecture wit Eerik Wissenz. It complemented well my online
research about GoSol’s work, Solar Fire Concentration Ltd and its product the Lytefire 5 (a solar concentrator for baking and roasting). In addition, my former work experience at Solafrica, an independent Swiss development and climate protection organization, provided my with stable background knowledge about the field and this common vision and mission.
However, the production of coconut charcoal with sun energy was a new aspect to me and I hope that GoSol will be successful with their ongoing Lytefire 5 fundraising campaign that would enable them to provide the construction instruction of this product online, free of charge and accessible for everyone.
Furthermore, it was interesting to hear that one focus of GoSol’s strategy lies in education and innovations such as the Solar Sauna. Dear Eva, thank you so much for inviting many interesting guests, active in many different sectors, but all with the common goal about a sustainable future. All these sessions were really great sources of inspiration! I am really grateful for experiencing this at the university!

Mirjam Schwitter (Feb. 2020)