A new slow fashion revolution - reusable

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anne Lappe

I am not a shopping addict. Please call me a fashion passio
I am a Bachelor’s degree student in International Business in Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). Also, I am a content creator on my Youtube channel, sunnybite. The main contents on my channel are about lifestyle, fashion and beauty (you know, girl things). This is how I started. I have been focusing on encouraging the healthy lifestyle, self-love and self-confidence to my audience.

One day, I discovered a new definition, that is “zero-waste lifestyle”. I felt in love with it and decided to go with my sustainable direction. However, on the other hand, I have a huge passion on fashion. Styling videos are my favorite content that I want to produce on my channel. In order to create more fashion video, I was crazy with the new trends and I shopped, like crazy, every single week. I basically followed the mainstream of what “influencers” are doing out there. Apparently, after three months, I got overwhelmed with my closet. I didn’t want to film a new video anymore since it took me a lot of time to pick up, mix-match items and there are a lot of clothes that not suit me. I started questioning myself “Am I happy with a ton of garments and fabric? Is this really a fashion vlogger that I’ve been self-labeling?”.

Then, I stopped purchasing for a while (two weeks, perhaps), tried to deal with what I already had and engaged my creativity as well as a sense of fashion. Finally, I realized that I’m the happiest girl in the world when I wear the outfit that makes me feel confident, beautiful and proud. What? Proud? Yes, I’m proud of myself when I know I’m able to achieve my “fashionable and trendy” image without throwing a lot of money into a store (Thinking about the cost-per-use). At that moment, I can proudly tell people that I’m truly passionate on fashion. Yet, fashionista I’m not. I’m a fashion passio.

Not only doing good, I want to do it better - making an impact
It’s my honor to become one of the first members of Sustainability and Impact Club where I can meet people who share the same value as me, share to me many new knowledge and support me on my way chasing a healthy, sustainable life-style. I actually accepted my challenge about slow fashion and I’m doing it already. However, I would like to upgrade it to the new level of impact. Ultimately, I came up with my little personal challenge committed to Sustainability and Impact Club during the first session in this semester.

To be more extent, as the period of my personal challenge is until the end of February 2020, I firstly, cut-off my purchases for new clothes entirely. This is the most difficult part, because sometimes I still crave for a nice tailored blazer or dress. Next stage, I would like to use my social media, mainly Instagram and my Youtube channel in more effective way. I will produce more videos and photos about styling tips and outfit ideas by playing around with my already-decluttered wardrobe. By that, my goal is to help my audience create more trendy, stylish and creative looks without purchasing more fast fashion and wasting their money. Bottom line, every individual of us is casting a vote for a green planet starting from a very small and simple step.
A Side note: Coming from my interest in fashion, I’ve been researching about the influence of fashion industry on the environment and I found down that fashion industry is one of the industries have the most negative effects on the environment. This is my motive to accomplish the challenge, as well as, a reminder for me whenever I want to buy more fruit to hang on my closet.

One minute for a trend forecast
Sustainable fashion is on its rise. Fashion consumers increasingly are more conscious about their purchasing choices and aware of their expenses on materials. Thus, “reuse” is predicted to become a new fashion revolution. Instead of consuming more fast fashion, people will tend to stick with timeless, versatile pieces and making the most use of their closets. Besides, vintage style has a significant flashback from year to year. So, do you have any items sleeping in your wardrobe for long time already? Do you have anything you’ve got from your parents, but you think they’re outdated? Now, it’s time to get them back, dress up and become a trend catcher.

Song Tran (Naveen) (Feb. 2020)