A note about permaculture

Notes from our meeting with Dora Tkalec, permaculture expert - Tri Phung (Feb. 2020).

I am especially enthusiastic and motivated for the session because I have experiences in the permaculture practices. In the summer 2018, I joined a workshop in permaculture-model farm in the central part of my country - Vietnam. We together built the natural Adobe bricks from subsoil (soil layer right under the surface soil), husks for fiber, and of course, water. After mixing the mixture with all our might, we put the mixture in molds and let them dry a long while. We also used available bricks to build a common house where, in the future, volunteers and workers can sleep and have communal time here And, I got to see the farming and husbandry at the farm. There includes long green bean, which a crop able for nitrogen fixation of soil, roses flower, some chickens with quite spacious habitat to walk around and three dogs.

After the session, I reached out to Dora after hearing her experiences in permaculture while sharing mine. I would like to observe the practices develop and evolve in Finland. Also, I look forward to knowing how the practiced farmers can innovatively sustain permaculture practice in the cold winter of Finland.