A session about permaculture

What impact do I have? - Mirjam Schwitter, Jan. 2020.

This session was really inspiring. Before “permaculture” was actually just a term for me with hardly any meaning. After this session, I am very motivated to learn more about this whole lifestyle, the knowledge related to permaculture design and especially the ethics and principles of permaculture. This mindset shift from “doing less harm” to “actually doing good” is exactly what I was looking for without being able to name it as such. Going beyond the concept of sustainability (maintaining a healthy environment) and focussing on regenerating (/improving) the environment is a beautiful and somehow empowering thought.

As far as I understood some of the permaculture principles, they are not only applicable to human ́s relations with nature, but in any interpersonal relation. It is not about just preventing the situation to get worse, but about aiming at improving and making life better for everyone. The examples in the movie were very inspiring. With my current life style (not knowing for how long I stay at one place before moving on to another place) it is quite difficult to actually have enough time and energy to create something slightly as great as these people did and do, but I definitely wish to follow the permaculture principles, even if they will be visible in small actions. There were many part of the movie that I really enjoyed, however, I would like to highlight the part when one person was talking about creating symbioses (It was in the context
of planting plant combinations that are beneficial for each other). I felt that is a beautiful approach also in other contexts such as bringing people together that as a team would create something even bigger and greater. This Club, for instance is also creating symbioses and I believe this is really beautiful.

This whole permaculture mindset definitely got my attention. I am really curious to learn more about it and I am really happy about this.

The permaculture principles and ethics
(Source : http://urbansustainability.snre.umich.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Permaculture-Principles.jpg)

I would like to thank you, Eva and Dora and Maija for this insightful and inspiring session. I don ́t know if you would like me to develop more this session about permaculture, but even though I learned a lot during these two hours and there were many interesting inputs, I think I would need a bit more time to study this approach and its principles a bit more in depth, which I am really motivated to do. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to (re)discover different interesting topics thanks to this Club.