About our IT meeting

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Notes from our meeting with Julien Da, IT specialist - Tina Jokitalo (Jan. 2020).

I thought it was super interesting, it would also be great to see him again, so that we would have more time to ask him questions. I would have liked to ask more about mac computers, for me they are essential because working with video and photography, making graphic work, requires a very good screen quality and a computer that have enough "power" to be able to run smoothly. Used macs are kind of expensive, but I guess it’s because they do last for a longer period overall - mine is already nine years old, but I can’t update it anymore because of software issues. We also have another mac, a used one that is intended for video, six years old - but up to date. I am a happy mac user since 1996 and I always tell friends (visual artists) to get a mac, mostly they end up buying a new PC because they think that a used mac is expensive (the cost of a new PC). Within the family we recycle our computers and phones - I also collect old iPhones, because they are actually quite handy as display for art exhibitions.

Here’s a great article that also contributes to the things Julien talked about:

And one positive impact one can have when using the internet: 
Ecosia - a company that plants trees from the profit they make of searches on their search engine.