Credits and Acknowledgements

First and foremost, we could not have done this without the help of the Sustainability and Impact Club’s coordinator, Eva Wissenz, who supported us on the way we were creating the handbook. We would like to thank her for the support, motivation, care and critical eye she has been providing throughout this journey.

We would like to thank the Club’s members, Raysa França for contributing to the Celebrating Diversity and Social Inclusion at Tampere Universities article in and Tatjana Blum for helping with the Recycling Rooms on Campus article. And, to other members for the huge inspiration and support!

Thank you, Saana Raatikainen, Head of Facilities Management, and Anna Heikkinen from the School of Management and Business of Tampere Universities, for taking the time to be interviewed for our learnings about Tampere Universities’ sustainable development strategy, as well as answering the questions many students probably have about sustainability on campus.

The amazing layout of the Handbook and the introduction video are made by our dedicate member, Juliette Caillé with the assistance of her sister, Lola Caillé The designed layout was brought to life thanks to the webmaster, Urs Riggenbach.

Juliette Caillé, Amanda Pokki and Song Tran, May 2020.