ECO :)

The toothbrush represents the idea of small changes that brings awareness into our everyday life of sustainable choices. We have routines in our everyday life and we also choose to make them in a way that does not harm ourselves or others. The plastic toothbrush, a companion for life, may not be right away considered as a grave, environmental issue. However, when considering the amount of toothbrush waste on a global scale, it does make you wonder why the store-shelves are full of different brand and models of the same stuff and not so much of optional alternatives that would make you feel good about oral hygiene. And the plastic toothbrush is not the only problem related to our habits of brushing teeth, the toothpaste tubes are also quite a challenge. Dental hygiene has green choices and if you wonder about what to do with your old plastic toothbrush, make an online search for “DIY reuse toothbrush” - there’s a lot of ’Do it Yourself ’ - ideas out there; from making bracelets to bicycle maintenance.

The ECO:) video is intended for sharing on social media and therefore it is less than one minute long. Get encouraged and make a sustainable choice that will bring you an ecological smile. Feel free to share this video with your friends!

Tina Jokitalo (Feb. 2020)
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