We are studying in a great university-eco-system, all together with all our different cultures, backgrounds, knowledge and perceptions. This wonderful diversity created the necessary energy and movement for us to initially work on this Handbook and all the other challenges. The journey hasn’t been easy, but we could find support and creativity from all other members. We have discovered that we weren’t alone feeling anxiety, stress or loss of meaning. Sharing and caring about each other has boosted us to surpass ourselves.

Sustainability goes with resilience, and resilience goes with strong communities. Being a student gives us a great chance to be part of a student lifestyle, hence, belonging to the student community inside the campuses. The university is offering us resources, values and spaces to meet and share with others. It is representing a huge network of people and knowledge; a great eco-system among so many. As social beings, we need a connection and support from the community to push ourselves. We all shall take care of our communities. And to take care of our communities, we must take care about ourselves.

There are different articles and resources that are all about dealing with our environments, eco-anxiety or diversity in the Eko Community section. We hope it will inspire and provide you support and relief. We are all together on the stage of developing our student eco-system.


Chapter 1 Building a sense of meaningful community

Chapter 2 Celebrating diversity and social inclusions at Tampere Universities