The Sustainable Students Handbook

The Sustainable Students Handbook

Credits and Acknowledgements

Living a more sustainable life is our passion, and we see this Handbook as a necessity. Above all, our priority is to open many windows of opportunity by showing you that there is room for change, and you can be part of this change.

Perception about the environment and the priority given to it is changing. Tampere Universities and TAMK administration are taking further steps and initiatives to develop a sound and sustainable environment in the campuses and among students. We are encouraging them to continue towards this great path for a better future. As a student, by showing that you want the change to happen, asking for more information, initiatives, funds or courses about sustainability, you can help your campuses to develop towards conscious pathways.

This Handbook is a project designed with the Sustainability and Impact Club, created by students, for students in May 2020. Next batches of students can augment this version in future.

Juliette Caillé, Amanda Pokki and Song Tran created this work.