Emotional recycling and plant-based packaging.

Notes about a Club’s session - Victor Théorêt, Feb. 2020.

It was a novelty for me to discuss about “emotional recycling”, or at least expressed under these terms. As any recycling system, it is fundamental to sort out appropriately the resources or waste might contaminate the benefits of the process. Accordingly, a sustainable emotional system must get rid of these “single-use” emotions so the beneficial ones are recycled efficiently. This metaphor was quite insightful to me.

About the generous visit from Changemakers Finland, Anni Valden offered a quick overview of the organization. I was personally not appealed, as I conceive impact through other societal channels and organizational forms. Also, their financial “independence” from big donators seemed ambiguous, even though this is the eternal struggle of NPOs. However, it remains a great opportunity for the youth to engage into volunteering and civil activities.

When you see that a product is wrapped in a plant-based 100% kind of transparent film, do you take it into consideration to purchase or not?
During my waste-reducing process, I noticed that consuming locally has its limits and even occasionally opposite effects. I then shifted my focus on how food, manufactured goods and services are delivered to us. Here not in terms of transportation, but in means of preservation and display. Nowadays, packaging is in my priorities when I do groceries or I shop. Over-packaging is insanely irrational, and there’s unfortunately a myriad of examples: boxed items wrapped under layers and layers of plastic; peeled fruits put in plastic boxes; it never stops. With this in mind, I usually choose veggies and fruits without packaging (e.g carrots in bulk versus in a plastic bag). Consequently, I don’t really consider plant-based packages. Also, there’s a risk of greenwashing in those industrial plant-based solutions. Recently, I finally noticed an innovation that I heard 1-2 years ago, which consists to engrave onto some fruits their identification. No more stickers or packaging needed! About requesting alternatives, I appreciate the idea to organize “un-packaging attacks” in supermarkets, revealing this insanity to stores and the industry