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How to create more impact

On Tuesday 7 th of January I attended my first ‘Sustainability and Impact Club’ meeting, where we talked about on how to have more impact. There were eight of us, which is a good size for open and active discussion without being swamped by too large size of the group. At first, we introduced ourselves and then discussed about what is a positive (...)

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Niilo Monkkonen

Niilo is a Finn and he's is in 3d year Energy & Environment Engineering. He worked on the following challenges: - Money goes green Short posts: - How to create more impact - How do we recycle? - Deep communication Contact: niilo.monkkonen@tuni.fi

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Money goes green

The finance industry embraces sustainability This blog post is part of my personal challenge for the course ‘Sustainability and Impact Club’. In my challenge I try to understand how capitalism in general and the finance sector in particular can be more sustainable, and how we, the individuals, can invest our money more sustainably. With climate (...)

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