How to have more impact?

Tags: Impact, Recycling

Notes from a discussion - Meredith Chuzel-Marmot (Jan. 2020).

After discussing about impact in our lives with the coordinator, I realized how broad an impact can be. Indeed, impact can be identified everywhere and have more or less intensity. Moreover, impact is also up to subjectivity and the perception that one’s give to an action. Thanks to this discussion I realized that I have more impact that I thought in my daily environment.

I would first like to highlight things that have impact in my routine. As a teacher, I am bringing sustainability in every discussion I start with my students. History, literature or human rights are the core debates I have with them and I put a seed every day in their mind to make them aware of sustainability. Moreover, I also intend to change the language we are used to use in French especially. Indeed, French speaking language is conveying racism, sexism, violence and hate, which became normal. People are used to say expressions without questioning its deep meaning. As discussed during the meetings, we certainly need a new vocabulary to promote
sustainability. Moreover, by the end of 2019 we decided to invest in four bin systems so we could introduce biowaste and plastic into our recycling process. These are daily positive impacts according my definition of it. Having a positive impact is making actions which would not harm-or as low as possible the environment – nature-relations-future.

If I should pick up three things that would improve my routine, I would choose first, reducing my plastic consumption while grocery shopping. Then, I would sell all unused things that I own, clothes, electronics... and finally, I would focus on expressing my frustrations to my partner in a constructive way – using soft terms – avoiding reproaches but rather highlighting potential improvements.