Is your country green enough? (Intro 1/2)

Tags: Politics

When we are talking about different countries’ approach to environmental sustainability we already know who is the best, right? But what if it is not that simple as it seems at first?

One day, I was discussing why I wanted to do my practical in Japan and one of the arguments was that it is a leading country in terms of recycling and sustainable technologies. I did not question that. This knowledge was not supported by any research and was mainly based on being aware of country’s sufficient recycling system and constant news about diverse technological developments.

My opponent suddenly asked me is it true, why I was thinking like that. There are other countries that have also outstanding sustainable decisions. I understood that actually that’s true, my way of thinking was not critical at all. Who are the leading countries then, when it comes to sustainability and most importantly environment?

And since this topic started to bother me, I decided to dedicate my challenge on this questions and make a countries’ comparison of environmental sustainability development. That would not be an easy job and it won’t be easy to categorize, find and apply all information, but I hope I will manage to do it. The final result of the work will be the map with each country having its colour based on its “green” development: technologies, politics, etc.

As it is quite a lot of work, my challenge will have two big milestones: first, making the list of all aspects based on which country will be evaluated, second, finding data, bringing it all together to generate final “grade” for each country and composing the world map showing countries’ colours depending on their “grade”.

It is quite hard to predict how many aspects will there be and how much information it will be needed to go through to make an evaluation. It is a challenge. May be I will succeed, may be not. There is possibility that I will have enough energy and time only for limited number of countries. But in any case I will definitely learn a lot of new interesting information, share my knowledge and interest with other people. In any case, you can follow my updates about progress on my challenge and even find out what actually happened to it in few months, see you later.

Maria Vaslova (Feb. 2020).
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