Katarina Sladakovic

Katarina is from Serbia and prior to coming to Finland to specialize in sustainable business management, she spent five years in Hungary, studying and working. She believes to address the challenges of today, it is necessary to revisit our approach to ’business as usual’ and mobilize all relevant actors to contribute to creating just and sustainable societies. The business sector has an important role to play in this process, which is the core of Katarina’s interest. In addition, she is passionate about diversity and inclusion, benefits of having people of different background, culture, mindset and value system on a team and facilitating effective collaboration in a diverse group.

She joined Sustainability and Impact Club in the second part of the program and worked with her colleague Raysa Fran├ža on #DiversityforFuture challenge, a Social Inclusion challenge for the Erasmus Network of Finland.

Contact: katarinasladakovic@gmail.com