Global warming is an emergency and students willing to have a positive impact should be prepared to specifics challenges related to a professional career defined by new concepts, tools, ways to work and needs.

Through workshops and courses, participants can get more familiar with changing habits, tasks execution with impact, negative emotions recycling and getting more empowered - which is key for the long run of a career in the sustainability and impact field.

Through discussions with guests, the participants can network and meet key actors of climate change resolution in Finland (entrepreneurs, community workers, NGO’s, artists).

Students and participants decide for their sustainable challenges. They all aim to bring a change to Tampere Universities and/or the society.

The Club also offers a safe space for de-stress chat around climate change related issues.

The Club is happening at Y-Kampus and is part of the Continuous Learning project funded by Minedu.

Our weekly sessions related to the challenges and the talks with guests are open to all. Check our Events calendar.

Read more about the Club’s Challenges, the Credits validation and the Coordination.


Credits validation

The Sustainability and Impact Club enables students to participate to two modules for a total of 5 ECTS credits divided in 2 sessions (Jan.-Feb. 2020 - 2 credits / March-April 2020 - 3 credits). Students can enroll for one session or both through Y-Kampus website here. The full programm is available on Y-Kampus page. Session 1 is a mix of (...)

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The students and participants can choose small or big challenges, depending on the session. A small challenge, as defined by a student, "is here to prepare the students for the big challenge to come. It’s something we can implement by ourselves, in order to improve our daily life. The aim is to nourish our motivation, in order to achieve (...)

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The main tasks of the coordinator are to: - create an adapted method to train students to a future professional career in sustainability - support the students with their challenges from conception to finalization - train the participant's to constantly reinforce their motivation by introducing them to social and impact entrepreneurs and (...)

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