Low-emission transports in Tampere

Tags: Transport

Author: Amanda Pokki and Juliette Caillé

Several ways of lowering your carbon-footprint while moving in the Pirkanmaa region.

For the sake of sustainability, we can only promote and ask people to take public transportations as much as possible, as well as walking or biking. Those means of transports are low to zero emitters of carbon dioxide. Here are some simple and cheap ways to move inside and outside the urban area.

Public transportation:

Tampere has different public transportation services. As a student, you can benefit from discounts, while taking the bus (with Nysse) and the train (with VR).

Outside of Tampere, it is still possible to travel with Nysse in the region.

If going further, students can once again benefit from discounts taking the bus with Matkahuolto or the train. There are several bus companies, and Matkahuolto will propose different offers.

Cycling in Tampere:

It’s the best way to get around the city!

Photo by David Herron on Unsplash


Buying: It is possible to find a bike in many second-hand shops. See the Map for locations.

Renting: For 5 euros, you can rent a bike for a day from Juvenes Kioski Centre, situated right next to Tampere Keskustori at the heart of the city. Bikes can be rented starting from the 6th of May until the end of September. You can also rent bikes from E.A.T. Tampere, Easybike (requires an app) and Pakomatkat (electric bikes only).

Take a look at the cycling routes and maps in Tampere. Also check out the cycling routes around lake Pyhäjärvi and lake Näsijärvi and all the sights and activities to do along the way!