Meeting Siiri Enoranta

Tags: Culture, Events

Notes from our meeting with Siiri Enoranta, writer, awarded with the Junior Finlandia Prize in 2018 - Meredith Chuzel-Marmot (Jan. 2020).

First of all, I would like to point out that inviting a writer- artist to discuss sustainability was unexpected but really relevant according me. Indeed, it is important first, to remind that the world is not only about profit and making money, it is also about passion and personal fulfilment. Moreover, the spiritual journey Siiri does with her books, is a journey we all should achieve in a way or another. She embodied passion and freedom despite her eternal anxiety towards the world surrounding her and I was fascinated by this.

In addition, the debate on conflicts triggered me as well. In fact, as mentioned fiction is nowadays feed by dramas and conflicts – the common thinking regarding conflict is that it make us grow – is it really? As a political student, I would believe that conflict is necessary to avoid manipulation and domination of ideas over others – dictatorship. However, I do believe that conflict can be avoided by diplomacy in any level – politics, business management, relationships – if we learn to listen more to each other needs and are ready to compromise when it is needed. In this perspective, we can also promote what is bringing people together instead of what tears them apart.
On the other way, denying and escaping were also to core notions of the debate. While these notions were quite opposite at the beginning, we succeeded to bring them together in a certain way. In fact, we are living in this world and facing reality is necessary to tackle it.

However, as “giving”, all the time, is consuming a lot, escaping is important to “recoup” and keep on with a positive mindset.

Finally, in one of my master courses we have, as a group, to invite and organize a lecture around sustainability. As our group is in charge of Raisa Foster, an artist on eco social justice in Finland, I found Siiri’s intervention as a great help. I will invite all of you to attend to Raisa’s lecture in March.