My impact - time flies

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How to have more Impact?

This is a struggle... (only in your head).
It’s too quiet out there (well, make some noise)!
This is pointless (Some synonyms for pointless:
senseless, hopeless, fruitless, useless, valueless, to
no purpose, unproductive... No, I don’t think so).
I just want to make a difference (Well, step out of
this parenthesis) period.

Time flies by. Five years, three months and 102 days ago, I stood with my camera in front of a greenhouse with abandoned plants, the following years making art, related to climate change and environmental issues. Has anything changed? I still feel the urge to explore different ways of engaging myself with issues that matter, and I have come to realize that I have to continue this path. Nevertheless, I wish to welcome silence, to reflect the past, to write, to ponder and find the meaning of comfort.

Until now, it has been a journey that reflects my urge to create artworks that communicate my concerns, a need to share the obvious into a state of mind that signifies the matter in several layers of visual context. My approach in the creative process considers time and space, and at the same time, it’s also a learning process that affects the artwork itself to evolve; from an idea to a conceptual piece of work. I have come to realize that knowledge strengthens me, it reassures me to continue, despite the fact, that the information I gain may not always be encouraging. Knowledge gives me the confidence to be able to grasp the content. To see the bigger picture, whether it involves research into political issues, science and the history of mankind: everything is connected.

I experience that the impact of my work does not have to be immediate, because art itself represents continuity, like a seed it roots and evolves in the mind of the viewer. The impact of art might involve various reactions. An emotional process that doesn’t always demand a positive chain reaction. Instead, art should be regarded and emphasized as a possibility.

Scientists say that we should talk about climate change, with our neighbors and friends. By allowing ourselves to share our emotions and concerns - making it a part of everyday life, we may overcome obstacles that affect our ability to act on climate.

My approach to three essential ways of having a positive impact involves the following methods:
1. When talking about the environment, I might add another point of view related to art. Art can act as a bridge that creates opportunities, adding perspective to discussions, colored by diversity.
2. To be in the loop, following news about the environment is, of course, essential but it is also burdening. It is important to take a break when much needed - you can’t make a positive impact when distressed. Signs of news fatigue: everything you do feels half-hearted.
3. Being resourceful and share your everyday ecological solutions with your friends and neighbors! Some examples: I proudly share my findings from the flee-market and if someone is in need of buying something, I always recommend to check out the “buy and sell market” sites on the internet etc. this also applies to the need of a computer or mobile phone, there are some great sites that sell used equipment with a warranty. I also recommend checking out sites where you can buy food, that food stores would have otherwise thrown away.

Notes from our discussion during session - Tina Jokitalo (Jan. 2020).