Recycling rooms on campus

Authors: Amanda Pokki and Song Tran.

Some things might be old to you, but they are new and helpful to others.

Recycling is one of the first steps, though certainly not one of the last, that everyone can take to live a more sustainable life. Recycling should not be a term referring to a complicated and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to students. On the contrary, it is actually super easy.

What can you do with all the stuff you don’t really need any more or stuff you’re already bored of, but you don’t want to throw away? How about in reverse, what if you are looking for a new curtain, an extra cup for your family member or even a blazer for the final presentation, yet you really don’t have a budget for it? The answer is: give and receive.

Sounds good?! But how?

There are many recycling points so close by to many of us. These are right on your university campus! Surprise!!!

The recycling rooms are open to all of us, students and staff, of Tampere’s higher education community (Tampere University and TAMK). You can bring your unwanted items from home to the recycling rooms, where others can pick them up for free. Others would be really thankful for that! Of course, you can also take something you like in the recycling room back to your cosy home and give it a new life.
Notice! Please only bring cleaned and usable items (or at least they can be recycled, egg carton boxes, for example). Instructions for the recycling rooms.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) Main Campus
Location: B-building, level 3 at the Teiskontie end of the building.

Tampere University, City Centre Campus
Location: Main building, E-wing, room E105.

You may find book recycling shelves for drop-off and pick-up at the following locations:

  • Tampere University, Hervanta Campus: Rakennustalo, RD200 corridor
  • Tampere University, Kauppi Campus: Arvo F201, lobby
  • Tampere University, City centre Campus: Main building (go downstairs, it’s opposite to Y-kampus)
  • TAMK Main Campus: Library, 2nd floor. The free-to-take (-and-give) bookshelves are in front of the door.

In a big general picture, by recycling, the demand to create a brand-new material will decrease which saves precious, often non-renewable, resources. Even if you aren’t sustainability conscious, you probably want to help people to find what they need. The recycling rooms on campus are a great way to keep perfectly usable items in use, providing value to others even if that item no longer has value to you. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something useful there for yourself as well!

You can visit Tuni Intranet for more information:

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