Refill options in Tampere

Author: Juliette Caillé

By applying the refill practice, you “reduce”. Your pocket and our planet will be thankful.

One primary sustainability principle that everyone can get inspired of in everyday life, is “reduce, reuse, recycle”. This is applied in various approaches, as you will probably notice throughout the Sustainable Student Handbook; refill options and getting food in bulk is one of them.

Refilling is a shopping habit, taking part in the zero-waste approach, and offers a lot of benefits.
First, by refilling a product directly in your own personal container, you avoid an unnecessary production of new packaging. You reduce!

Second, thecontainer (a glass pot, a paper bag, a fabric bag…) is made to be reused as many times as possible. You can get it from the refill store, or even DIY it! You are then reusing. However, it is important to highlight that, a sustainable container is sustainable if it is reused. Indeed, producing paper packaging or glass container instead of plastic packaging can have a higher carbon footprint, if paper or glass are used only once or twice. Paper, glass, metal or cotton are extremely energy consuming. Make sure that once you get your reusable container, use it by bringing it to the refill store every time.

Third, buying in bulk allows you to buy the quantity you want. You can buy a lot of oat flakes and then have enough to sustain a long period of time; at the same time, you will probably make economies of scale. You can also buy just a small quantity of expensive pecan nuts you need to top the carrot cake you want to try, without being forced to buy a big quantity of it. This is an approach giving you more control on our expenses as well as on the quantity.

In Tampere, there are several refill options that you can find around the city center area!
If you are a tea consumer, Take T is a nice shop located in Ratina Shopping Mall, proposing a large choice of black, green, grey or white tea, as well as infusions, rooibos… Several of them are even organic! You can buy the quantity you want and reuse the tea containers for your next purchases.

Concerning cleaning products, several refill options are available in Ruohonjuuri, the organic grocery store in town. Bonus: 10% discount for students on Tuesdays!

If you’re looking for different types of healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit or berries Punnitse ja Säästä at the Tampere train station as well as in Tullintori Shopping Center, have a variety of package-less options! Bonus: 10% discount for student and, 10% additional discount when you bring your own jars or containers to shop there.

A side note:
You can get more inspirations about zero-waste lifestyle at The Zero Waster blog.