Relish Responsibly: A student’s guide to sustainable food choices

This work is the big challenge taken by Deepika Sundresh, Sandhya Naidu and Sandhya Naidu.

The PDF version of this article is available here:

For this challenge, we thought that our student’s life can be the right moment to change some habits and become more sustainable. Sustainability has evolved from a buzzword to the sine qua non of the moment and we should embrace it. That being said, we know that organic and local products here in Finland can be expensive for a students’s budget and we kept that constraint in mind. Saving can be done by cooking more things at home, learning about conservation, and why not, grow a bit of your food!

With countries now considering to implement better laws and guidelines for businesses towards sustainability and circular economy, common folks like you and I also have a substantial role to play. It could be something like mindful shopping, or food conservation, or growing food at home, responsible actions have far-reaching positive consequences.

And that is why, here we present to you a simplified guide to help you make mindful food choices. Let’s consider the same three examples above:

Finally, we have presented some delicious recipes for you to relish, enjoy!

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