Resources for recycling

Authors: Amanda Pokki and Song Tran.

The recycling options outside the university campus.

Have you ever been wondering why we should recycle? What are benefits of recycling? Why is recycling important? There is plenty of sources of information you can find everywhere, on the internet, in newspapers and so on. Most of them are talking about environmental aspects, energy and resource consumption. Even though they’re true, they might sound complex to you. Let’s have a look at the more student-friendly problem which directly affects you in your daily life: the waste of money and usable items still in perfectly good condition.

It happens from time to time, some things aren’t useful or joyful for you anymore, but you don’t know where to discard them. You have several choices, giving them away to people in need or, for bigger items (furniture for instance), call someone that can help you with getting rid of these things properly.

Things that are small and portable, you can take them to the recycling points (hyperlink: Recycling Room On Campus article) which are right in the campuses of Tampere University. Also, there are more options for you when the recycling rooms on campuses are already full. Or maybe you just want to have a look on the other resources for recycling. Here you are!

Recycling points
Need to know where to recycle a specific item? Check out the Recycling Map.

Waste pick-up services
Do you have large furniture that you want to sell, give away or discard, but you can’t carry it on your own?

  • Pirkanmaan Kierrätys ja Työtoiminta Ry offer pickups, free of charge for donation items, or if the condition of the item is not good enough for reselling, they will charge a reasonable fee for the pick-up.
  • Repsikka pick-up service provided by Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy offer to pick-up large items like washing machines or large furniture that do not belong or fit into regular recycling bins for a reasonable fee depending on the amount, quality and location of the item(s).
  • Repe & Romu trucks collect dangerous waste, metal, and electronic devices free of charge in the Pirkanmaa region. NOTE! due to the coronavirus pandemic their service has been discontinued indefinitely.
Photo by Unsplash

Waste sorting guidance
You’re new to the waste sorting and recycling system in Finland and don’t know which is the right waste bin for your waste? There are different sources of household waste guide that you can take as references:

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) waste
Electronic waste needs to be returned to special WEEE collection points. Typically stores that sell electronic/electrical devices also accept household WEEE waste. What is WEEE waste? They are electronic devices, for example, an old computer (make sure that personal data is destroyed, and the parts recycled properly), hair dryer, computer’s mouse and keyboard.
In case you are still unsure if it belongs to WEEE or not, go back and check the Waste sorting guidance links given above.
You can find the electronic waste collection on the website, or check out the links below:

The on-going project between ESN FINT (Erasmus Student Network) and TOAS (Tampere Student Housing Foundation)

The project is targeted toward exchange students who only live in Finland for a short while. They usually face problems with discarding their furniture and many other things when moving out before going back to their home countries. The project is temporarily postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. However, all the parties will get back and execute it starting from the autumn term this year, 2020.

Recycle your stuff! An ESN FINT Project - by students for students.

Save money, do something good for your fellow students and reduce your environmental footprint! Does that sound good to you? If so, the recycling project by ESN FINT is just right for you!

At the end of every semester, exchange students say fare-well to Tampere and leave behind a considerable amount of stuff which often enough ends up as litter in the bin. Yet, many of these items would be perfectly reusable and in fact, new exchange students and other TOAS tenants would be happy to give them a second life. This is not only because buying all the essentials for living in your own flat first-hand costs a lot of money, but also because such second-hand goods might be just perfect to decorate and make your apartment cosier.

Towards the end of the semester, ESN FINT, possibly in cooperation with TOAS, will be visiting exchange student buildings in Hervanta and closer to the city centre (Lukonkruuti, Lapinkaari, Pinja) with a removal van to collect such items which students are unlikely to take home: everything from kitchen utensils and bedding to decorative items, electronics and pieces of furniture. The collection dates will be published later in the year.

All the collected items will be stored in a room during the holidays and handed out to new exchange students and other students at the beginning of the next semester for free!

If you are interested in getting involved in this project, get in touch with For any updates, check out the website or ESN FINT’s social media channels.