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Every purchase we make has a health, environmental and social impact. We buy and consume products every day and obviously, this could not be avoided. However, a “could be” possibility is adopting sustainable shopping practices into ourshopping.

There is one mistaken perception that, shopping more consciously inevitably means spending more. It might be right in some cases, but it’s not the whole picture. In fact, you can even save more when you apply sustainable shopping in a proper way. Several articles which are delivered in this Shopping section comprising knowledge, tips as well as inspirational stories about how to become a smart and ethical shopper. What’s more, you will find updated information about student discounts and promotions from different stores in Tampere, and in Finland too.

Sustainable shopping brings many benefits to us and to our planet. Being more conscious in purchasing is not only for the sake of a healthy lifestyle, but we can also reinforce the local businesses. Not to mention, we contribute to the reduction of negative impacts of over-manufacturing has on the environment and on social justice.

This section will be completed during the coming weeks by Song!


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