The Duologue

Specifications: Year 2020 / Duration 19 min. / HD 16:9 (1920x1080) / Sound: Stereo


How sustainable are we? What does it take for us to not only become aware but also be the change itself?

‘The Duologue’ interprets the vacuum of actions related to the individual in the prospect of an uncertain future. It considers the aspect of defining the issues we’re dealing with from different points of view - while mirroring the urgent need for a change. ‘The Duologue’ is the result of a creative process that involved an online dialogue between its creators, driven by the ongoing climate crisis and affected by the surrounding situation related to Covid-19 and the lockdown during March-May, 2020.


‘The Duologue’ is a collaboration between Finnish artist Tina Jokitalo and Candy Leong, a U.K. exchange student at the department of international business. It started out as a project defined as a challenge for Sustainability and Impact - Club, at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Tampere, Finland. The work is based upon the process of online exchange of audiovisual material, a means of finding a way for a dialogue that quickly became adapted because of the lockdown. The material itself is a combination of mobile phone footage and free, online footage from visual creators around the world, whose names are also mentioned in the credits.

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