Tina Jokitalo

Tina is a bilingual artist from Finland and she’s part of the Piece of Work-program.

She worked on the following challenge during session 1:
- ECO:) The toothbrush represents the idea of small changes that brings awareness into our everyday life of sustainable choices.
- ECO:) (virtual exhibition)

"My small challenge the recycling of the plastic toothbrush evolved. There’s already a lot of DIY videos on the topic, so I started to make research about the history of the toothbrush - also in Finland, which was super interesting! I also stumbled upon an even more ecological alternative than the bamboo toothbrush: the chewing gum stick. I am interested in making a short, fun video, and at the same time informative, the kind that you can easily share on social media like Instagram - up to sixty seconds which is quite a challenge, but also the best way of getting the message out there shared."

During session 2, she’s worked on The Duologue with Candy Leong.

Short posts:
- My impact - time flies
- About our IT meeting

Contact: marja.jokitalo@tuni.fi