Transportation & Traveling

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Mobility is part of our everyday lives. With the expansion of cities and globalization of the world, distances are increasing between people’s homes, work places, schools, shops or social services. Whether by necessity or for leisure, we travel, every day. Besides, not only humans are traveling, but our goods do as well, being delivered across the globe by ships, airplanes, trains, trucks and cars so that we can consume them.

Transportation and traveling, like all other dimensions presented in the Sustainable Student Handbook, matter as they considerably impact the environment, accounting for a serious part of total greenhouse gas emissions. The main reason is that our ways of traveling rely heavily on non-renewable sources, such as oil and gas. The way we extract those resources, as well as the way we consume them, is not sustainable. Besides, non-renewable transportation systems are polluting, impacting our health and the environment; private use of cars accounting for “60.7% of total CO2 emissions from road transport in Europe” (source).

We, as individuals and more specifically as students, don’t have any control over the global use of private cars, nor do we have control upon the way in which goods are delivered. However, we have control elsewhere: when we make choices we can go for the local options, and travel inside our region or consume local products. We can also choose to avoid cars as much as possible; and when using it, make the best of it by car sharing for instance. We don’t have control of the global footprint of transports, but we have control on the way we travel.

We believe an effective explanation relies on information, and examples, as tips. Therefore, this section delivers different articles about the means of transportation. We will notably explain and provide tips on the benefits of traveling locally and avoiding flying.


Chapter 1 Nature in Tampere University Campuses

Chapter 2 Low-emissions transports in Tampere

Chapter 3 Locations around Tampere for Nature Lovers

Chapter 4 Conscious traveling