Unlocking Tampere’s treasures

You’ve started your sustainability journey in Tampere or perhaps you would like to start it, but you’re left pondering: “where is the best place in town that sell second-hand sports equipment?” or “where can I repair my coffee table?”. Visiting a multitude of stores in a city like Tampere to finally find second-hand boots THAT ACTUALLY FIT YOU can be quite an adventure when you don’t know the best spots. Sure, Google Maps can help you with finding some places, but it can’t know their inventory. Plus, remember that time Google gave you the wrong itinerary to somewhere? Can’t always trust it! So, what if there was a map that would indicate all those flea markets, second-hand stores, repair workshops and other sustainability locations in Tampere?

Mapping sustainability in Tampere
After months of discovery, I compiled a significant amount of data about second-hand stores and sustainability locations that it can translate into indicators. For instance, I’ve learned that Kontti in Lielahti has constantly good outdoor and sport apparel with a great selection of furniture, but less than the recycling center in Nekala. To construct or repair something, places like the Fablab or the Hacklab come handy and certain organizations rent or even lend tools! Thus, Tampere has a lot of resources to offer, one only needs to know where they are! In order to do so, I set myself the challenge to map sustainability locations in Tampere. These include stores, restaurants, markets, open spaces and other places where sustainability is manifested in diverse forms.

Building the treasure map
I aim to develop an interactive map with different categories of locations (e.g. restaurant, second-hand, bulk food, repair), some of them with indicators to qualify their usual inventory. For example, second-hand stores would have few score indicators to describe most accurately their stock: micro-wave (not so common appliance), sports equipment, fabrics, tools, big furniture. The final indicators are yet to be chosen, but they will remain general guidelines for the user’s research as the exact inventory of such store cannot be perfectly predicted. To build this, I plan to use OpenStreetMap with an Open-Source mapping app so the final product will be accessible by everyone.

OpenStreetMap (2020). [OSM map of the region of Tampere]. Retrieved on February 6th, 2020, from https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=12/61.4935/23.7634

From the community to the community
This interactive map will aim to enhance the resource management in the region of Pirkanmaa, benefiting the residents using – or not – this map. Hopefully, this project will be carried away by its users, as it will get better with everyone’s touch and input. With that vision, the map will be open to modifications to stay updated with the growing sustainability scene in the region. That being said, are YOU going to use it?

Victor Théorêt (Feb. 2020)
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