Waste & Recycling

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The amount of waste being generated is significantly increasing in the last few years. The uncontrollable growth of global population is only a part of the explanation. There is a variety of factors that contribute to the issue which mainly come from our consumption habits. That’s why we have to be more aware of the importance of waste management and recycling solutions and then, implement them into our everyday life.

Waste management is a complicated process that involve us as consumers. We can participate in the recycling circle by taking very simple steps, such as sorting out and throw our household waste into the proper bins or in waste collection points. Going through articles in this Waste and Recycling section, you will find a lot of support, resources and inspiration that you might need in order to define your own recycling methods.

An effective waste management and recycling approach helps to reduce pollution caused by waste, as well as preserving our natural resources. A journey of thousand kilometers begins with a single footstep. Our small actions can have huge impact on the environment and, directly, on our living society.


Chapter 1 Recycling Rooms On Campus

Chapter 2 Resources for Recycling