What impact do I have?

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What impact do I have? - Mirjam Schwitter, Jan. 2020.

Related to the issue of sustainability I really try to live as exemplary as possible, although it takes a lot of energy and generally creates more guilt than satisfaction. I am a vegetarian (since I am 8 years old) but I struggle to adopt a vegan lifestyle. I try to limit my material consumption, therefore I feel guilty for anything I’d buy. I feel bad doing grocery shopping (because of the crazy amount and production chains of food) and I now I should go to small local markets, but the time and energy I save by just going to s-market across the street is very valuable to me. I struggle buying fruits and vegetables. How guilty should I feel to buying bananas? Should I stop feeling guilty or should I stop buying bananas? I try to forgo food containing palm oil, although some of it I liked a lot, and even when I would eat for example m&m’s in only a exceptional situation, guilt takes away the pleasure. I avoid commercial shampoos and shower gels that as they said to contain micro plastic. But many beloved family members got me these shower gel for Christmas... so what do?

It is paradox: there are more and more sustainable alternatives when it comes to consumption products and lifestyle habits, but while I sometimes feel inspired, in many cases I also feel pressured. I cannot explain why, but I am not very passionate about keeping me updated about sustainability and therefore changing daily routines is indeed energy consuming. Fair fashion is interesting and important, but I am not interested in fashion in the first place and consequently even though I need a new bikini, I strongly dislike taking time and energy to inform myself about sustainable swimming ware for instance. I would say that I consume and live quite consciously and its price is that it takes pleasure away. I know I do quite well already- is this enough, even though I could do more? Even in these times of climate crisis, where the situation is very precarious?