What’s your own definition of a positive impact?

Notes from our first meeting - Juliette Caillé (Feb. 2020).

To my opinion, a positive impact is an action where we put efforts in, thinking and
questioning the consequences of our behavior, and taking the decision to act and change an action for a better alternative, indeed a more sustainable alternative. This decision ultimately has some consequences, leads to some change, which is the positive impact.
A positive impact can be made in the daily life, in the short and long run. It can be directly on ourselves, but also to our relatives, friends, siblings or anyone else. For me, the most effective and positive impact I had until now is by talking, sharing my knowledge, explaining things, to show to people what’s wrong with the actual system.
When I think about my personal experience, I had a positive impact on my mother and
sisters by changing my own diet habits. By witnessing the positive consequences this had on my own health and on the environment, they consequently changed their own
perception and behavior. I didn’t need to argue or debate directly with them to convince
them (even if I did, still communication by words is important), they just needed to watch me caring more about what I bought and cooked. And I believe this is definitely a sustainable, in the long-term meaning, way of changing one’s perception.